Photographer / Director / Cinematographer currently based in LA

Lauren's unique photographic foundation is rooted with moody undertones and otherworldly terrains. Using creative set design and cinematic motifs, she forges a dream landscape for her subject matter. She is a visual creator with a strong base on human emotion and expressive storytelling.

Clients include:

Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg, Youth To The People, Sebastian, Dazed, COOLA, Chrissy Teigen, British Vogue, Serena Williams, Levi's, Prose, Harper Wilde, Schön! Magazine, Select World, Wolford Fashion, Moses Sumney, Shane Co., Pley Beauty/Peyton List, Bare Republic, Not Your Mother's, The Outset, Splendid


Represented by Seven Artist Management (7 AM)

Contact: Bob Dixon / Corey Saunders
310-310-2230 /

+ Co-founder Nightdove Studio

Women-owned creative content production.