Portrait, Fashion & Fine-Art Photographer based in Los Angeles.

Creator and instructor of Let's Get Creative & Weird, hands-on portrait workshops in LA & NYC.

Lauren was raised in Florida and fled ASAP to Portland, OR to pursue photography after completing her BFA in 2011. NYC was next, where she continued working as a freelance photographer & graphic designer, while also working in the marketing department of Adorama for an opportunity to work with their top sponsored photographers. Marketing, however, is not really her thing. So it was onward to Los Angeles where there will be no more 9-5's in her future. Ever. Again.

Lauren's photographic foundation is rooted with moody undertones and aesthetic backdrops. Using light and props creatively, she forges a dream landscape for her subject matter. She is a visual creator with a strong foundation on human emotion and a love for dreams.

She also has a dog/photo assistant named Cheyenne that enjoys being adorable during shoots.

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